Shopping for Different Types of Toilets

Shopping for Different Types of Toilets

different types of toilets

Shopping for Toilets 

It’s a little obvious that here at Glow Bowl, we are a little obsessed with toilets. If you aren’t aware, toilets have changed from being a hole in the ground to beautiful fixtures that turn your bathroom into a modern, sleek room. Today times have continued to modernize with increased focus on how much water we use and our footprint on the planet. In the United States alone, one-half of all toilets are the older, less efficient models that waste water everyday, up to 1.6 billion gallons. If you are in search for a new toilet, here is a little guide to help you find the best toilet for you. Perhaps in this list of different types of toilets you can find something that suits you and your family best.

The Different Types of Toilets:

One Piece Toilets, Wall Hung and Two Piece Toilets

  • A one piece toilet is one that has both the tank and bowl together. These can be a little pricey.
  • Two piece is the most traditional toilet seen in many homes. It has the tank and the bowl connected on its lower end.
  • Wall Hung toilets are just as its name implies. It hangs from the wall. It provides a great deal more space for your bathroom and has a very modern look.

Bowl Shape

  • Bowl shapes come in three different styles. There is the compact elongated shape that is very common in one piece toilets
  • Elongated bowl has the most benefit with more room and comfort for adults.
  • Round front bowls require space and are great if you have small children. These bowls are sometimes called plain bowls.


Flushing it Down the Drain

You might be surprised to find that in addition to different types of toilets, there are also different flushing options. Yes, we are living in amazing times.

  • Gravity Flush Toilets: these are the most common flush types. It is where the water flushes in a siphon motion, using the shape of the bowl, trapway and the force of gravity to go down the drain.
  • Assisted Flush Toilets: uses the power of electricity to move the water to the trap way.
  • Touchless Flush: For the germaphobes, a perfect device. You just place your hand over the sensor and it flushes.

Concealed or Skirted Trapways

            In traditional toilets, cleaning the trapway can be hard because of its position on a toilet.

  • Concealed trap way have a smooth surface where the pipe shape of the trapway would be revealed.
  • Skirted Trap way has clean lines from front to both. Both the concealed toilets and skirt make cleaning so much easier.

There are so many options when it comes to toilets. One of the best options for these toilets, offered by none of them offers is the GlowBowl glow light. For any of the different types of toilet you choose, our glow light will fit each one and transform your toilet into something spectacular for your bathroom. Check out our product and order yours today!

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