How do I change the color?

Continuously Press the button to cycle through the colors. Stop on the color you want to use. You are all set.

How do I get into the dimmer mode?

Step 1. Press and release the button to turn the light on.

Step 2. While the light is on. Press and hold the button until it blinks.
**Now you are in the dimmer mode.**

Step 3. Continuously press the button to cycle through the dimmer levels.
Once you are at the desired level of brightness, stop pressing the button. It will then blink after 5 seconds to let you know it is now set.

Why does it blink red when it activates?

This means your batteries are running low. Change them soon.

What is the Carousel Mode?

Can't decide which cool color to use with your GlowBowl? You can set it to Carousel Mode which will cycle through each color automatically every 4 seconds.

How do I use the Carousel Mode?
You can set it to Carousel Mode by continuously pressing the button (cycle through the colors) until the LED blinks.
You will notice that one of the colors in the rotation blinks! That is the carousel mode!! Once it blinks, stop pressing the button to stay in carousel mode. :)

Why is the battery cover so tight?

We added a locking mechanism to the battery door to provide an Ultra-Water Resistant seal. You will notice that once the battery door is closed you can slide the small latch down and feel it click into place. This is all by design! You can safely run a mild flow of water over the GlowBowl for cleaning! We are not claiming it is water proof, but we have done several drop and flush tests! GlowBowl passed with flying colors!

The battery door is actually double sealed to prevent moisture from entering in. Try this:

*Place the top part of the battery door on first.
*Push the tab on the top down and then push the door into place
*Once the door is flat, push the tab down to click into place


How do I clean the GlowBowl?

The GlowBowl can be cleaned with any household cleaner.  You can even run it under a slow stream of water.  The majority of the unit itself hangs on the outside of bowl.  The bendable arm that hangs in the bowl is splash resistant and can be wiped down and replaced as needed. 


Why is it not coming on automatically when I walk in? / My motion sensor isn't working.

The GlowBowl is motion activated and light sensored.  It will only come on in the dark and if it senses motion.  If you don't think your GlowBowl is working correctly try this:

  • Remove the GlowBowl from the rim and place it in a dark room on a flat surface.
  • Make sure to place the motion sensor facing away from you (so you are looking at the bendable arm and not the sensor). Also make sure that there can be no reflections of motion as well (such as mirrors).  Do not place the unit facedown.
  • Shut the light off and the unit should turn on (there is a light sensor on the unit, if there is any ambient light, it will not turn on).
  • Wait for the light to go off (should stay on for 45 seconds). During this time don’t move around the unit.
  • Once the light is off, wave your hand in front of the unit from about 9”-12” away from the sensor and it should turn on.

The position of the GlowBowl on your bowl will affect the motion sensor.  Remember if you can't see it when you walk in, then it can't see you.  Make sure to position it on the rim facing the door so that it will activate when you walk in.



  • Dim the brightness level of your GlowBowl down to help with the battery life.
  • Sometimes if the batteries are getting low, but before the 'low battery indicator' comes on, the units can act funny.  This is a result of not having enough power.  Symptoms may include staying on all the time and not displaying all of the colors.  Try replacing the batteries with fresh ones and your unit will work as desired again.