Reasons for Waking up To Pee at Night| GlowBowl

Reasons for Waking up To Pee at Night| GlowBowl

Why Do I Wake up in the Middle of the Night To Pee?


Few things can start your day off right like getting in a good night’s rest. Unfortunately, you may find your sleep constantly interrupted by your need to get up and pee. While the GlowBowl motion activated toilet night light can help make it easier to get back to sleep without a bright light stabbing into your eyes, we also want to help you understand just what’s going on with your body in the first place.


 Use the GlowBowl Motion Activated Toilet Night Light If You Have Nocturia


Your waking up to pee could be caused by a condition known as nocturia, which afflicts one in three adults over the age of 30. It could be that the condition is caused by your body producing too much urine as you sleep. For men, nocturia is often caused by an enlarged prostate. For women, the causes for the condition range from menopause and childbirth to pelvic organ prolapse. Certain medications, alcohol and caffeine can be to blame for the condition. Do yourself a favor and refrain from drinking a lot of fluids in the hours leading up to your normal bedtime.


Diving Deeper


Now that you know there’s a chance you have nocturia, it’s worth determining whether it’s a symptom of another health problem that needs to be addressed. Some conditions can trigger frequent urination at night, and you may need to discuss with your doctor the possibility of an underlying issue. For instance, you could have insomnia or another sleep disorder that’s causing you to have to get up so frequently during the night. Either that, or you could have diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, restless leg syndrome or even congestive heart failure. No matter what it is, you owe it to yourself to get to the bottom of the situation and get complete relief, not just partial relief.


No matter if you have nocturia, you deserve to easily find your way to the toilet without bumping into objects or wincing at bright light. Check out our line of GlowBowl motion-activated night lights today.  

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