You Won't Believe This $5,000 Toilet from HTGV's Smart Home

You Won't Believe This $5,000 Toilet from HTGV's Smart Home

Eager for a high-tech toilet or a coffeemaker built into your bathroom cabinet? Well you're in luck: The 2018 HGTV Smart Home in peaceful Palmetto Bluff, SC is officially up for grabs. The home was designed by Tiffany Brooks, whom you may remember as the winner of HGTV's Design Star show back in 2013.

Tom's Guide took a tour inside the $1.6 million estate and showed off some of the gadgets you'll find:

The main floor features an open concept, with a chef's grade kitchen that opens into the living room, and continues outside. An iPad controls everything from the music to the lights and the TV, and Amazon's Alexa allows voice commands to have different things done in the house. There's also The Frame from Samsung, a 55-inch piece that allows the owner to choose from a diverse array of photographs and art, and easily switches back to Netflix if you want to stream a program. (It retails for $1,999, if you'd like to snag one of your own.)

The kitchen is filled with smart gadgets, like the built-in Jenn Air coffee maker, which makes your typical cup of joe all the way to frothy cappuccino beverages. (And at $2,699, it better be strong!) Don't miss the CabiTV, a flat HD television set that lifts up to provide storage space underneath. The oven has its own built-in tablet, with its own "frozen pizza" setting.

The master bathroom may be our favorite room in the house, though: There's an Android Tablet stored within the Smart Touch Vanity Mirror ($900) so you can read the news while brushing your teeth, or the Nexus 21 Coffee Lift, where a coffeemaker mechanically rises right out of the bathroom cabinet so you can enjoy a hot cup of joe while getting ready for work in the morning. To ensure privacy, the Smart Tint windows transform from transparent to opaque with the click of a button, while the Kohler Multi-Media Shower and the Ocea Shower TV allow you to jam out to music or watch your favorite shows all while you shampoo and condition.

But the crown jewel (or shall we say throne) of the bathroom is probably the Kohler Numi Toilet, a $5,600 loo that provides a "personalized experience" and has a built-in remote. The top folds back on its own and immediately starts to play music, while heat streams out from the bottom to keep your feet (and your bum) warm. The top folds back down when you're finished.


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