Why You Need GlowBowl Nightlight for Your Kids

Why You Need GlowBowl Nightlight for Your Kids

   nightlight glowbowlWell, not just your children, it’s perfect for everyone but your kids in particular will love this as well. Especially children who still need a nightlight to feel safe at night. When it’s late at night and you kids need to use the bathroom, they have less worry. It will also help them feel safe because they can see better in the dark and maneuver better. Our Glow bowl toilet light comes with some options that would contribute to making nightly trip easier for everyone.

As a nightlight, you have a variety of colors to choose from in our device because it comes in seven fun colors such as purple, teal, blue, green, white, red and yellow. You can choose the color that works best for your family as they navigate in the dark to the bathroom. With our colors, you don’t have to flip the switch and take in the full on harsh big bathroom light that will likely wake you up and disrupt your sleep cycle. Our colors are just gentle enough that it doesn’t disrupt sleep.

Out toilet light also features a dimmer, allowing you the freedom to customize the level of brightness you need for your bathroom, especially at night. For children, you can adjust this nightlight so its not so bright when they come into the bathroom, its just bright enough for them to see but without disturbing anyone else in the house. You don’t have to worry about your kids stumbling in the dark, banging their toes against anything. You also have the peace of mind knowing that your children won’t have to turn on all the lights in the house searching for you to take them to the bathroom. The bathroom is now a friendly place for them because if the toilet light and they can use it confidently.

Check out our website and see the reviews our customers have left, then check out glow bowl for yourself and see the difference for yourself.


One thought on “Why You Need GlowBowl Nightlight for Your Kids

  1. avatar Patricia Beasley says:

    Bought one awhile back. Love it. it’s just that the battery life is short.
    That was the only thing I didn’t like.
    Other then that it was cool. easy on the eyes.
    help you to find your way to the bathroom.
    Afterwards easy to fall back to sleep.
    No bright lights.
    I like the fact that now you can buy in bungle.
    It’s better.
    When one go’s out you always have another for a backup.
    What a cool idea

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