26 Ridiculously Cool Gifts You Can Get For Under $50

It’s MORE than ok to save money these days, especially if you’re already generous enough to spend cash on a friend! After all, it really is the thought that counts when it comes to gift-giving.

But it’s your lucky day!! We’ve put in all the thought in for you. We’ve rounded up the ultimate list of truly FANTASTIC gifts that all cost less than a few months of Netflix!

Whether you need a gift for mom or dad, a thank you, or a congratulations, these gifts work for ANY occasion and ANY budget. If you end up wanting to get one for yourself as well, we wouldn’t blame you — they are all under $50, after all. Read on to see our top picks!

1. Last Tissue

For The Eco-Friendly Person Who Doesn’t Want To Waste Tissues

If anybody has a concern for the environment in your life (as they should have!) there’s a great eco-friendly trick for tissues. It’s called Last Tissue and it’s the ultimate earth-friendly and budget-friendly approach. Each pack comes with 6 reusable tissues that work to replace over 3,100 single-use tissues as well as the plastic packaging they would have come in. 

The best part is that you never have to use a dirty tissue or let the dirty ones touch the clean ones. There’s a smart hygienic barrier between the two and you can just wash them all in the laundry whenever you’ve run out. 

  • Whenever you need a tissue, just take from the bottom and store it in the pouch at the top
  • Hygienic barrier separates used tissues from the clean ones so they never touch
  • The softest tissues you will EVER use
  • Super easy to clean — tissues are laundry-safe and silicone is dishwasher safe!
  • Lasts for years and years saving millions of trees in the process
  • Different trendy and fun colors to choose from

Over 1.5 million in sales!
As seen on Kickstarter, Forbes & the World Economic Forum

2. Ulla

For The Person Who Needs Help Staying Hydrated

Even if we know we should stay hydrated, it’s not always easy to remember. If you know someone who could use a little help, get them the Ulla!! 

Ulla attaches to whatever they normally drink water out of — mugs, bottles, anything —  and will send them a gentle reminder when it’s time to take a sip of water. Its smart detection sensors know when too much time has gone by since they’ve last taken a sip! They’ll become healthier in no time. 

  • Start to feel healthier IMMEDIATELY — being hydrated is as important as it sounds!
  • Smart alerts remind you when to drink by automatically lighting up
  • Tracks how much you drink throughout the day
  • Fits any and ALL bottles, mugs and glasses — just go with your preference!

Used and loved by people in more than 160 countries!

3. CreaClip

For The Person Who Hates Wasting Money on Expensive Hair Cuts

Salon visits can get pretty expensive and sometimes they don’t even get it right after you pay all that money! With the one-time purchase of a CreaClip, you can get the absolutely perfect cut on your own every single time. It’s hard to imagine just how much money this will save over the years, especially since you’ll only ever need one CreaClip! Not to mention how GREAT you’re going to look ALL THE TIME!!

Just slide the CreaClip onto your hair, pull down, and cut! 

  • Saves you tons of time AND money without all the $$$ salon visits
  • Works on all hair types — doesn’t matter if its thick, thing, curly, or straight
  • Access to step-by-step video tutorials — the CreaClip library is massive for some inspiration
  • Gives you the perfect trim every time. Reliable and never messes up!
  • Great for kids too — there’s no need for them to spend your money at the salon either

As featured in BuzzFeed, Business Insider, and seen on Shark Tank!

4. Lure Essentials

For The One Who Wants Glowing, Healthy Skin Always

Glowing skin isn’t actually in the creams and the expensive facial appointments. It can be in your home for less than $40 thanks to Lure Essentials. Lure Essentials is easy DIY face and body cupping (which normally costs hundreds for just one appointment) but now you can do it yourself over and over again with just one purchase. 

  • Make your skin glow! The suction increases blood flow, reduces inflammation, and removes toxins for a glowing complexion
  • Get younger and firmer looking skin without plastic surgery or painful peels
  • Rejuvenates your face, neck and decolletage — using the cupping set all over!
  • Takes five minutes or less — such an easy addition to your routine
  • Scientifically proven to work after thousands of test results
  • 100% safe and natural materials — free from toxic BPS, PVC and plastic

Reuse the kit again and again, whenever you need a little TLC.

As seen on Vogue, E!, Cosmopolitan, Shape, Oprah Magazine, Good Housekeeping, & Self

5. Aculief

For The One Who Suffers From Headaches

Headaches really deserve our empathy! It’s hard to get through life with a dull ache in your head. Get your friends or family the help they need with Aculief. Aculief will stop their headaches in as little as one minute without a single pill, wire, or doctor’s visit. 

Aculief also fits any hand shape or size, so no need to worry when you’re shopping for someone else. It also won’t get in the way of any of their normal activities. 

  • Pressure points are scientifically proven to quickly relieve headaches when pressed
  • You’ll feel pain relief in as little as 1-3 minutes!
  • No harmful side-effects with over-the-counter drugs. Nothing to ingest! 
  • Will last you forever. The material is incredibly high quality.
  • Can take it ANYWHERE and wear while doing ANYTHING
  • Fits any hand size — specifically designed to be universal
  • Many colors available to fit your personal style!

Doctor-approved and recommended!

6. ChargeHubGO+

For The Person Whose Phone Is always on 1%

Do you have that one friend whose phone is always dead or almost dead? Seems like regular outdated chargers aren’t solving their problems, but you can be the one to help if you buy them the ChargeHubGO+! 

The ChargeHubGO+ can charge up to four devices at once and at lightning speed. Patented SmartSpeed technology gets you to 100% in almost no time at all, but it can also charge way more than just your phone. You also won’t BELIEVE how lightweight this battery is for how much of a charge it packs! 

Why we love the ChargeHubGO+:

  • It’s universally compatible — charge everything from iPhones to Samsungs and Pixels
  • Wireless charging means no wires necessary!
  • Incredibly fast-charging — nothing else on the market is this fast
  • Pocket-sized portability means you can bring it anywhere you need. Plus it’s super light!
  • Safe charge protection so that you never overcharge, overheat, or damage your battery

“The lightweight, slim design and built-in cables make ChargeHubGO+ my new go-to portable power bank.” – Rebecca Armstrong of Mac Sources

7. FixMeStick

For The One Who Always Clicks on Suspicious Links

Do you have a parent or grandparent who is always somehow finding themselves dealing with a computer virus or just all around slow computers? Don’t let them waste their money on a new computer when you can get them FixMeStick! 

As simple as its name suggests, FixMeStick is their new handy tool to fix any and all computer virus problems. Computers ain’t cheap, so let’s restore them and protect them instead of buying new every time.

FixMeStick can and will:

  • Protect your computer from malicious software, like viruses, trojans, spyware, or other forms of malware
  • Works in the background while Windows or Mac OS is running
  • Perfect for easy, every day protection
  • Finds and removes all infections that got past your antivirus software
  • Won’t conflict with any existing softwares

It’s incredibly easy (and affordable) to use — the founder actually invented the device for his mom! Awwww.

1.3 Million People World-wide Trust FixMeStick!

8. Neck Hammock

For The Person With Needs to Relax

This is the perfect gift for someone with neck pain or who could just use a little relaxation. Neck Hammock is designed to help neck and back pain, but it’s pretty fun to use for everyone. 

Neck Hammock helps decompress the spine, but it feels so easy and relaxing. Save them money and trips to the chiropractor with this handy little device. 

Other great things?

  • Pain relief as simple as lying down — just hook The Neck Hammock onto a door knob and let your head sink into the sling
  • Say goodbye to stress and anxiety — customers often fall asleep; it’s so soothing!
  • Easy enough for anybody to set up — wraps around a variety of things
  • Always travel ready since it’s so lightweight and foldable
  • Fits easily into the most busy of schedules. Just relax for a few minutes whenever you need it
  • The more you use it, the better you will feel! Gradually, you will undue the daily wear and tear from texting and sitting at a desk

As seen on Forbes, Mashable, GQ, Yahoo!, AOL, Reader’s Digest
Over 300,000 sold in 100+ countries – “One of the best health finds”

9. Odii

For The Person Who Loves a Good Tool Kit

Simply put, no household toolkit is complete without an ODii. ODii is the tool you go to when you’ve dropped something down a tiny crack or need to pick something up where your hands wont fit. ODii fits into the tiniest of spaces and grabs and holds up to 10 pounds! It goes where no pick-up tool has ever gone before. 

  • Grab and hold items that weigh up to ten pounds! More than strong enough for phones, wallets, and purses
  • Fits into the tightest of spaces where your hands and arms would never fit
  • Bends around corners!
  • Incredibly powerful 23-inch magnet that detaches to stick to loose metal items
  • Includes a bright flashlight to see into dark spaces
  • Shrinks down for super easy storage
  • Perfect for every toolkit, home, and car

Strong but nimble, the ODii is just one of those things smart people have around in their house.

Winner of the GIA Global Innovation Awards

10. Peeps

For The Person Who Wears Glasses

After dropping at least $100 on prescription glasses, it makes sense to make sure you can actually use them. But most cleaning methods (like cloths and sprays) just spread the dirt around instead of actually removing it. Peeps, on the other hand, efficiently remove dirt and oil instead of just spreading it around!! If you have friend(s) who wear glasses, this is the tool they never knew they needed. 

  • Completely revolutionary and effective
  • Cleans perfectly every. single. time.
  • Trusted by more than 20,000 optometrists around the world
  • Scratch-resistant brush removes dust and all abrasive particles
  • REMOVES instead of SPREADS dirt and oil
  • Patented invisible carbon formula that’s gentle on lenses and tough on oil

They’re trusted by more than 20,000 optometrists already and are constantly receiving rave reviews.

11. Dodow

For The Person Who Has Trouble Sleeping

It might be easy to think of more than one person who has trouble sleeping — it’s a pretty common problem. You can be the one to help them calm their overactive thoughts at night and get their days back on track! With Dodow, they can easily and effectively train their brain to fall asleep the completely natural way. 

All they have to do is follow along with the breathing cues. Dodow will slow their breaths per minute from 11 to 6, which primes them for their best rest yet. It’s basically their zen Buddhist coach. Anxious thoughts at night, be gone!

Dodow has everyone snoozing in mere minutes. This thing REALLY works!

  • The mesmerizing light gets your busy mind to quiet down
  • Guided breathing cues will lull your body and mind to sleep quickly
  • Restores your brains natural ability to sleep — in time you wont need Dodow anymore
  • Just a one-time purchase equals a lifetime of better sleep
  • Easy and convenient to use, no side effects or pills!

Proven to help you fall asleep 2.5x faster!

12. React by ChargeHub

For The Person Who Drives a Car

Cars are riskier than we like to admit. But you can help the people you care about and put their minds a little more at ease with React by ChargeHub. This 7-in-1 emergency tool is what we consider an essential for all drivers on the road. The React will have their back in a variety of safety situations.

  • Includes seven life-saving tools: strobing S.O.S. signal, safety siren, window breaker, seatbelt cutter, flashlight, phone charger and portable power bank
  • Escape your car in seconds if needed
  • Flashlight is perfect for nighttime emergencies — the strobing SOS light prevents cars from slamming into you at night! Flashlight helps in the dark too
  • Make sure your phone is always charged whether you need it for directions or an emergency call
  • Within reach at all times
  • Helps you be someone’s hero on a moment’s notice
  • Makes a great gift for loved ones you want to keep safe!

As seen on CNET, Mashable, Mac Sources

13. ScreenKlean

For The Person Whose Phone Needs a Good Clean

Notice a friend who ALWAYS has a dirty screen? They might just need the proper tool to fix it. 

Screen Klean offers the absolute most effective way to keep your phone free of germs and smudges. It’s kind of like a combination of dry cleaning and carbon microfiber tech. And it’s entirely safe and easy to use on any and all screened devices. 

  • Electrically-charged carbon molecules lift all dirt and smudges to keep your screens HD clear always
  • Works on ALL types of screens. Tablets, computers, phones, all great!
  • No scratches or smudges … EVER
  • Completely non-toxic and chemical free… unlike a lot of other chargers!
  • Long lasting pads will restore your screens to spot-free perfection 100’s of times
  • Fights bacteria to help you stay germ-free!

Over 650,000 screens clean and counting!

14. Seed Sheets

For The Aspiring Gardener In Your Life

If you know someone who has thought about starting a garden or already has one, SeedSheet is the perfect gift for them. This one-garden-fits-all approach will help them grow a successful garden no matter how much or little they know. 

All 6 herbs that it comes with get planted at once, and the app that comes with SeedSheet will send them text reminders every time they need to water. The app will also tell them when it’s time to harvest and how they can enjoy the fruits of their labor in a new recipe!! 

  • Includes six delicious and healthy herbs to enjoy in a variety of meals
  • Easy enough that ANYONE can do it — get the kids involved!
  • The one and only garden that actually talks you through how to care for it
  • Includes every single thing you need — no extra store trips required!
  • Completely organic and made in the USA
  • Perfect to spruce up even the tiniest of spaces
  • Works indoors and outdoors — totally up to you!

Shark Tank Winner! Over 150,000 SeedSheets Sold Worldwide!

15. XY Find It

For The Person Who Is Always Losing Things

Have that friend who’s always late because they couldn’t find their phone, keys, or wallet? 

XY Find It can help them. It’s as easy as attaching XY Find It to their most beloved items and using one of three tracking methods (sound alerts, geolocation, or community help) to get their misplaced items back. You could really be the hero here!! There’s also great discounts if you buy multiple and want a few for yourself. 

  • Easily find your car, pets, keys, bike — whatever has gone missing!
  • No monthly subscriptions or hidden fees to pay. Just a one-time purchase!
  • Over one million devices (and counting!) have already been sold
  • Works EVERYWHERE and on EVERYTHING you want
  • Easily hide it or not if you want to choose a fun color!

As featured on Huffington Post!

16. smartDOT

For The One Who Isn’t Protected From Wireless Radiation Yet

The news broke pretty early that wireless devices (phones, tablets, laptops, routers, etc.) emit waves of radiation (called EMF-waves) that harm our health. But not everybody knew how to do something about it. If you know someone like that, smartDOT makes the perfect gift. smartDOT is a handy little sticker they can easily stick on their wireless devices that works to retune the harmful frequencies and keep them safe. 

  • Researched and proven to work independently and now by thousands of customers
  • Protects you from radiation from ALL wireless devices: smartphones, laptops, tablets, wi-fi router, televisions and gaming consoles
  • Relieves unwanted EMF-symptoms like fatigue, anxiety, and agitation
  • Made with high quality, revolutionary quantum technology
  • Just attach it once and forget about it! No need to change your behavior
  • Protects you forever. Only have to buy it once!

1.3 million devices neutralized and counting!

17. StartMeStick

For The Person Who Needs To Use Public Computers a lot

If somebody has to travel or likes to use library computers, get them a gift to make sure they’re staying safe!! Not only will the StartMeStick keep their information safe on a public computer, but it will make any and all computers run lightning fast. 

StartMeStick plugs into the USB of any computer they’re using and gives them a super fast and super private operating system to work from. 

  • Turns ANY computer into a fast, secure, and private one
  • Just plug and play whenever you need it
  • Automatically connects to the internet when you plug it in
  • Portable and lightweight — take it anywhere!
  • Once you pull it out the computer will go back to exactly the way it was
  • Never slows down no matter how many times you use it — always keeps that brand new feeling!

Right now, StartMeStick is offering customers a 30-day trial so you can try it yourself risk-free!

Rated 5-Star by 90% of Customers

18. Soul Insole

For The Person With Constant Foot Pain

If you haven’t suffered from foot pain, consider yourself lucky, because many people do. If you know someone like this, get them the Soul Insole. 

The Soul Insole is a small-sized solution to pain with a big impact. The inserts slip easily into any shoe and help its wearer experience instant comfort, even if they typically suffer from foot pain. Even better, they can just rinse them off every time they want the stickiness to come back. We told you this page would be full of good value. 

  • Biomechanical design redistributes pressure evenly across your foot to relieve unwanted pressure
  • Helps train your foot to strengthen the natural arch without relying on the Soul Insole
  • Relieves foot, back, AND body pain. Helps you from the bottom up!
  • Reduces stress from the gentle foot massage you’ll be feeling all day
  • The shock absorption will boost your energy throughout the entire day
  • Works in every single shoe — even open-toed sandals! Plenty of sizes available for men, women and children as well. 
  • Super simply to apply AND clean — just rinse off and the stickiness will always return
  • Odorless even after years and years of use

#1 Choice By Doctors, Top Athletic Therapists and Medical Practitioners Worldwide

19. The PhotoStick

For The Person Who Hasn’t Backed Up Their Computer Before

Even if somebody attempts to protect and backup all of their files, they probably can’t do it right. It’s really hard to get every single file and sort through every folder. But they don’t even need to bother because you can get them the PhotoStick!! Without having to sort through anything themselves, the PhotoStick will automatically figure out which files are pictures and movies and save them all easily in one place.  

  • Beyond easy to use — all you have to do is plug it in and hit “GO”
  • Never have to search through your files or random folders again
  • Stores up to 60,000 photos AND videos
  • No software to install or download and nothing to learn
  • Auto-detects duplicates so it never wastes storage space

$44M+ in Sales & Counting!
As featured on CBS, Business Insider, Yahoo!, Marketwatch

20. The PhotoStick Mobile

For The Person Who Gets “Storage Full” Notifications When They Try To Take Pictures

A lot of precious moments don’t end up getting captured because people have no room left on their phones. Help them back their photos up easily and free up some space when you gift them the PhotoStick Mobile. This software makes it so easy that they’ll never have to deal with the “storage full” notification ever again. 

  • Easy to use — just plug it in and start backing up!
  • Never have to search or learn any complicated smartphone tricks
  • Saves up to 60,000 photos so you NEVER have to see that “storage full” notification EVER again
  • Instantly backs up and takes no time at all
  • Works on all types of Androids, iPhones, and iPads
  • Easily transfer photos to your computer or just keep them stored on the device — whatever you want!

Over $8 million in sales and counting!

21. Tiki Tunes

For The People Who Love Music

Honestly, who DOESN’T love music?! These speakers make the perfect gift for almost anyone, and they sound as great as they look. PLUS, they’re currently on sale!! Tiki Tunes is a speaker that connects via Bluetooth to any device you normally play songs from and totally sets the mood. They’re also built to withstand outdoor conditions, so they can be brought wherever the person wants to go! 

  • Sound quality to surprise and delight all ears and music tastes
  • Can pair multiple speakers together when you want to take things up a notch
  • Improves any atmosphere, no matter what your personal style is
  • Take it anywhere you want to go — they were designed to work both indoors AND outdoors! 
  • Rechargeable battery keeps GOING and GOING and GOING — get a minimum of six hours but up to ten of constant music and light
  • So easy that anyone can use it – large and easy buttons and straightforward functions
  • Works with Apple and Android devices

“I bought these for gifts and every person raves about them. Will definitely purchase again.” ~ Ginni (Verified Purchase)

22. Xtra-PC

For The Person With An Old, Slow Computer

This gift is like buying a new computer for someone without actually having to buy them a new computer!! The Xtra-PC is the genius cost-saving device for someone whose computer needs a little love. It breathes new found life into even the oldest of devices and is easy as cake. Just stick the USB into the thumb drive of an old laptop and follow the simple instructions. Before they know it, their old, slow, frustrating computer will be working as well as it was the day they got it. And all of their files will be exactly where you left them. 

  • Saves TONS of your hard-earned cash
  • Works on any Mac or PC, so long as there’s a USB drive
  • Easy to use and works in mere MINUTES — no waiting around
  • Includes all of your favorite programs you would normally want to use
  • Keeps all of your existing files — don’t risk losing anything!
  • Even a broken or missing hard drive is no match for the X-tra PC!

Over 300,000 customers trust X-tra PC!

23. Bondic

For The Person Who Likes Fixing Their Own Things

Kudos to the person who wants to fix things instead of throwing them away. Encourage them with the perfect gift. Bondic is the high-tech future version of glue, but it’s super easy, affordable, and incredibly satisfying to use. Oh, and it’s also 50X stronger, never leaves any mess, and can be remolded and reshaped again and again. 

  • Bondic is extremely strong. The formula is designed to last forever!
  • Works on any and all surfaces — metal, wood, glass, plastic, ceramics — you name it! 
  • Never leaves a mess or stinky fingers behind. Melts only went exposed to UV light!
  • Won’t dry out since it’s not technically a glue. Melt and reuse over and over and over
  • Thousands of satisfied customers (and counting!)
  • Completely safe to use, non-toxic, and no heat required!

The modern toolkit isn’t complete without one!

Over 1500 5-Star Reviews. As featured in Popular Science!

24. FlipFork

For The Person Who Loves To Grill

Even if they spend a TON of time at the grill, I bet they don’t have something this helpful. This handy and high-quality 5-in-1 tool will be their new best friend at the grill. They can finally stop running back to the kitchen and making a mess and just use this instead. 

  • Spatula is large enough to flip a 42oz Porterhouse
  • Fork for precise flips for those delicately thin meats
  • Slice tough meats like a hot knife through butter
  • Serrated edge tenderizes meat to perfection
  • Bottle Opener cracks open some cold backyard brews

If you cook or know someone who does, this could be the perfect addition to their 2020.

Rated 4.8 Stars with 1000’s of Reviews!

25. KeySmart

For The Person With a Lot of Keys

If someone is carrying around a lot of keys, they need the help of KeySmart. KeySmart organizes all key shapes and sizes into one foldable easy device. It also includes soooo many different helpful add-ons to choose from — everything from flashlights to micro-USB charging points come with this bad boy! They’re going to LOVE you for it! 

  • Organize up to eight keys and a car key fob
  • Fits EVERY size, shape, and type of key you can think of
  • Choose from fun and helpful add-ons like bottle openers, USB drives, and more!
  • Customizable to your liking
  • Quick and easy to assemble — takes less than 60 seconds!

Over 2 million sold in 173 countries!

26. Glow Bowl

For The Person Who Has To Pee at Night

If somebody is getting up to pee at night, help them get as much sleep as possible with Glow Bowl. Glow Bowl is a motion-activated light that automatically illuminates their toilet when they enter the room and then automatically turns off when they leave. It can also change between all a variety of cool colors so they can suit their personal style.  Finally, gone are their days of blinding themselves in the middle of the night every time they need to use the bathroom.

  • Each comes with 13 different beautiful colors to change as you please
  • Built-in air freshener also creates a great smell
  • Fits every type of toilet and works in seconds
  • Lights up automatically when you enter and turns off when you leave!
  • Always be able to see where you need to pee — very important!!

Over 1.8 million toilets glorified and counting!