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The Most Popular Home Solution Gadgets For 2021

1. FlipFork - Is the ultimate 5-in-1 grilling utensil – it combines everything you need to grill like a pro into a single super high-quality tool.

These are all the uses we’ve found for it so far:
  • The Fork: This makes it easy to flip thin cuts of meat (like bacon or tenderized chicken breast) without shredding them – and it’s essential for thinner cuts (like skirt steak) that can’t be flipped with tongs or a spatula!
  • Spatula: Some meats you don’t want to puncture (like burgers and steaks), which is where the spatula comes in. The spatula is extra-wide – making it sturdy enough for over-sized burgers and steaks, yet large enough to quickly turn an entire grill’s worth of meat.
  • Tenderizer: The built-in tenderizer is more convenient than the typical mallet form, yet it’s just as effective at adding flavor and softening the fibers in the meat. The serrated edge also quickly cuts open burger and hot dog buns!
  • Knife: Hand-sharpened by an expert bladesmith – we can confirm that its extremely sharp. This makes it ideal for preparing veggies or those tougher cuts – then serving up perfect pre-sliced portions to your guests.
  • Bottle Opener: Because every grill master (and their guests) deserve a cold one!
Naturally, these all function great in the kitchen, too!

But of course, any time a single tool claims to do the work of five others, we get a bit skeptical… which leads us to a big question we had about FlipFork.

2. GoDonut - Is a revolutionary phone and tablet stand that makes it easy to enjoy your mobile devices anywhere, hands-free.

It’s truly universal so it’s compatible with 99% of mobile devices, even ones that haven’t been released yet. That’s because GoDonut has built-in flexible grooves that fit everything from small phones to massive tablets.

These grooves hold your devices 6 different ways – giving you the best view possible no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Each angle can be viewed in either portrait or landscape mode:

  • Portrait mode (tall) – Ideal for web-browsing, reading, hand-writing, and video chatting.
  • Landscape mode (widescreen) – works best for watching movies, playing video games, drawing and more.
Switching between portrait/landscape mode takes a second while finding the best angle in that mode takes another one. With GoDonut, you are always two seconds away from your best viewing angle.

There are 3 different viewing angles to choose from: 45° / 70° / 90°

3. Dodow - A Revolutionary NEW Device Helps Put An End To Frustrating, Sleepless Nights!

It’s this cool little device called Dodow. You put it on your nightstand, and it projects a soft blue light onto your ceiling (that expands and retracts). When you breathe along with the light as it fades in and out, it helps you relax and calm your mind. I know it sounds weird – which it is – but it actually works!

How Does Dodow Work?

The power of Dodow is actually in its simplicity. As I breathe along with the light, I’ll notice it starts to slow down. And then my breathing starts to slow down too, which actually makes me relax.

The best part? Dodow doesn’t make me think. I simply focus on and breathe along with the little blue light. Then suddenly, those crazy, frustrating thoughts that would normally keep me awake would be gone. My mind would be clear and quiet – completely ready for sleep.

The relaxed, slow breathing combined with the focused, quiet mind really helps my mind & body let go of any tension and stress. It usually doesn’t take long before I’m asleep.

Check out this short video of how Dodow works…

4. GlowBowl - Revolutionary new toilet-light with built-in air freshener is flying off the shelves

Nothing is worse than being jarred awake from a blissful night’s sleep when you take a late night bathroom trip and are blinded by the bathroom light.

Studies show that sudden bright light exposure decreases Melatonin production, making it tougher for you to fall back asleep (which we all know makes for a grumpier and less productive you).

But what if a revolutionary new toilet-light could ensure you and loved ones could find the bathroom, even in total darkness, without ever having to flip on a light switch?

5. TikiTunes - A Wireless, Bluetooth speaker that’s also an LED tiki torch

I pictured myself lounging around the pool with TikiTunes playing in the background. Designed after the lanterns you’d find at a tiki bar or tropical resort, TikiTunes looks much nicer atop my patio furniture than your standard, boxy Bluetooth speaker.

But, it just seemed wrong to keep TikiTunes confined to the patio.

This little speaker has big potential, and it can do so much more than set pool vibes.

I’ve started bringing it everywhere. Here’s a look at some of the ways you can use TikiTunes to get that perfect combination of music and mood lighting.

6. ODii - Is brilliant new invention is a must-have for your home (and the reason might surprise you). Already 60,000 sold and counting!

Have you ever bought something on a whim, only to realize later how smart of a decision it was?

That’s what happened when I bought ODii for my family.

I first saw it on Facebook when my friend Robby said it was “the most useful purchase he’s made in a long time.”


Not only that, the comments on his post said more of the same:

“Dude! We love ODii too. Jessica and I both have them in our cars and at home and use them almost every day. Such a great find!”

As the man of the house, I’m always searching for new tools and gadgets that make life a little easier for my family and I.

Whether it’s unclogging drains, fixing a simple car problem, catching spiders or bugs in the house, or having to fish a toy car out from under the furniture for a crying 3-year old (looking at my youngest as I type this) – I’m all for anything that makes fixing any problem, easier and faster
Since a few of my friends had purchased ODii and had a great experience (plus it was pretty inexpensive), I decided to give it a try. What did I have to lose?

Before I share my full experience, here’s exactly what it is…

7. StankStix - My Shark Tank Invention Eliminates Nasty Odors For Good

The reason my sticks work while other solutions don’t

The problem with most cleaning solutions is that they don’t remove the source of the odor.

They just mask the scent… while odor-causing bacteria like E.coli, MRSA, staph, mold, mildew continue to grow inside.

Think about it… that’s what’s living in your shoes, your laundry room, your car…
When we tried the first prototype, it was like magic.

You really do just put the sticks in… and they get the stink out! No weird masking scents like “rose bush” or “cedar tree” (like other chemical-filled products) – my sticks simply remove the smell so it just smells clean again.

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