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Add Life to Your Toilet Rolls

Posted by Brian Andy on

In a world where white toilet paper has been dominating the industry for years, companies like Renova and Just Toilet Paper have decided to add a much-needed change. For those of you who just want a little color Renova has got your back. And for those of your who want patterns or reading material, Just Toilet Paper has got your covered. Here are our favorite toilet paper rolls to go with your GlowBowl.


Fleur De Lis Toilet Paper

Add a touch of style to your bathroom décor with this stylish design. You have a choice of emblazoned black or gold on 2-ply paper that have been printed with soy based ink. 


Monogrammed Toilet Paper

Bring a touch of class to your bathroom. Get a monogrammed toilet paper roll for that added touch of style. The 2-ply sheets are emblazoned in gold soy based inks. 


Nazdak Toilet Paper

For those of you who follow the stock market, you might be interested in keeping a financial chart right in your bathroom. Each roll is individually packed and comes in handy when the market takes a dump.


Currency Toilet Paper

What’s that old saying? Money makes the world go round? Well, for those who have a lot of it, it might. But for those of us that aren’t loaded, there’s another way to feel rich. Just Toilet Paper’s 3-ply Benjamins will definitely make you feel part of the elite.


Colored Toilet Paper

The Renova colorful toilet paper is the perfect addition to spruce up your bathroom digs. White is so last century. Try the fuchsia, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, brown or the ever elegant black toilet paper to give your toilet a whole new feel.

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