Color Psychology

Color Psychology

When you are using the Glowbowl product and choosing a toilet light color, you should maybe take your mood into consideration. Are you hot, cold, happy, or sad? The color that you choose on your Glowbowl can subconsciously alter your state of mind for the better or worst. Here are some things to consider when you are selecting a color for your Glowbowl.

Blue- For many, blue is a favorite color and is preferred by most men. It is viewed by most people as a non-threatening color that is seen as traditional or conservative. Blue can give your mind a feeling of calmness or serenity. It is often described by people as tranquil, peaceful, orderly, and secure. People also see the color blue as a sign of reliability and stability. Businesses often use the color blue to project an image of security in their marketing and advertising campaigns. For some, blue can create a feeling of sadness. It has been shown though that people working were found to be more productive in a blue room.

Yellow- Yellow is a bright color that can often be described as warm and cheery. Yellow has been found to cause the most fatigue to the eye due to the amount of light that is reflected off of it. Using the color yellow on paper or computer monitors can eventually lead to eyestrain or possible vision loss in some extreme cases. Yellow can also lead to feelings of anger and frustration. Even though it is considered a cheerful color, people in a yellow room are more likely to lose their tempers. Babies also tend to cry more if placed in a yellow room. Yellow can increase metabolism and can be used as an attention getter because it is the most visible color. Because of its visibility, the color is used in advertisements and traffic signs.

Purple- The color purple has been seen throughout time as a color of royalty and wealth. The color also represents spirituality and wisdom. Purple does not occur in nature often so it can be seen as artificial or exotic. The majority of people either hate or love purple. For some people, purple can be a soothing color, a color that can make people daydream and feel calm and happy. 

White- The color white can represent purity or innocence. When you see a bride wearing white, it is symbolic of the bride's purity. White can also create a sense of space. Interior designers like to use the color white to make a room seem more spacious and large. For some, white can be seen as cold and bland, so while it can make a room feel larger, it can also give off the feeling of empty and unfriendly. In hospitals, white is used as a sense of sterility.

Red- Red is a color that evokes strong emotions, it is bright, and it is warm. It is also the color of love. Red can also be considered an angry and even intense color that creates feelings of excitement. Think of how the color red is sometimes used in the English language; paint the town red, red-handed, seeing red, red-hot, etc. 

Green- Green is looked at as a cool color that symbolizes the natural world and nature. Green can also represent good luck, health, tranquility, and even jealousy. It can also improve your ability to read according to researchers. Green is also known for its calming effect. Think about television guests waiting for their appearance and waiting in the "green room" to relax.

When deciding on the toilet light color of your Glowbowl that you want projected, consider the effects that every color can have on your sub consciousness. Another thing to consider is temperature. For example, if it is a cold day and you want to feel warm, pick the color red, and if it is a hot day and you want to feel cool, choose the color blue. There are many more things to consider than just aesthetics.

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