Bathroom Lights for modern toilets

Bathroom Lights for Four different modern toilets

purple glow in the dark toilet seatPeople often do not give toilets and bathroom lights the credit that they deserve. They are a necessity for our daily lives. Think about it, would you be able to live without a toilet, well, maybe you would, but it wouldn’t be so pretty. Toilets are unique in their size, shape, color, functionality, and technology. Not taking into account all the unique variations of toilets out there in the world, there are four different types of toilets that we will use and experience in our daily lives.

Wall Faced Toilet

wall-to-face-toilet imageThe wall faced toilet sits flush on the bathroom wall,. It is a nice, contemporary, and sleek toilet with a cistern concealed in-wall. The pipework needed to operate this toilet is also concealed in the wall. Having the cistern and pipework hidden within the wall makes flushing the toilet much quieter than your standard toilet. On top of that, these toilets are a breeze to clean and help if you are looking to save some space with a small and modern design, perfect for any bathroom lights.

Close Coupled Toilet

The close coupled toilet is a toilet that is beginning to replace the traditional “link” toilet. It is becoming a very popular mid-range option for consumers. With the link toilet, the pipe that connects to the cistern to the pan is always exposed. The close coupled toilet is a little different. With the close coupled toilet, the cistern is directly above the toilet pan, and for that reason, it is called “close coupled”. A significant downside of the close coupled toilet is the gap that is between the back of the toilet and the wall itself, making it difficult to clean around it.

Back to Wall Toilet

wall-faced-toilet imageThe back to wall toilet is directly on the surface of the bathroom wall. This allows the cistern to be attached directly to the wall, making it possible for the pipes to be hidden discreetly.

The Wall Hung toilet

The wall hung toilet is probably one of the newest types of toilets available to consumers in the marketplace. The toilet itself is mounted to a bracket on the wall and is completely off of the ground making it the perfect toilet to clean. This toilet is ideal for small spaces due to its in-wall cistern. It also provides an uncluttered appearance, excellent for a bathroom lights.

When looking to purchase one of these four toilets

When looking to purchase one of these four toilets you should also consider three different things; water efficiency, cost, and aesthetics. Make sure first that your toilet is a dual flush, having the ability to perform a half flush or a full flush. Also, make sure that you are buying a toilet within your budget and to ask about a warranty and replacement parts for that toilet. Lastly, even though the toilet is not meant to be a stand-out in your bathroom, you should make sure that it blend with the rest of your bathroom.


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  1. avatar Tunie says:

    Am wondering if this lid is a soft close?

  2. avatar C. Carlon says:

    How do you keep it clean?

  3. avatar Joyce says:

    How does the light attatch to the toilet ? Can you post a diagram ?

  4. avatar Michaeleen says:

    How do you install it ……….

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