Finding the Right Toilet Seat

Finding the Right Toilet Seat

Have you ever sat down on your toilet and heard a crack? If your answer is yes, then know that it happens to the best of us and it has nothing to do with your weight. A toilet seat generally lasts between 5-7 years. So, damage is bound to occur. On the plus side, you can now get a new toilet seat! Yes, we understand that this might not be the most exciting time in your life. But, you could finally get that wooden toilet seat you’ve always wanted.

Toilet Seat Sizes

Round: Just by looking at your toilet you should be able to tell whether a round fit is the correct fit. Round toilet bowls stretch to 16.5 inches. The width can vary with both toilet seats, but this is nothing to worry about. Most toilet seats and lids cover standard toilet bowls. 

Oblong: An oblong toilet reaches 18.5 inches. If you want to measure the toilet, all you have to do is measure the length between the front of the bowl and the middle of the screws at the back of the bowl or lid.

Wood vs. Plastic 

Now, this is part you’re probably most excited about. Deciding whether to get a wood seat or plastic one can be a decisive factor in getting the Feng Shui of your bathroom right. Let’s get right to the pros and cons:

Wood Seat

  • Wooden toilet seats can be slightly more expensive.
  • However, wooden seats are thicker, sturdier and more durable.
  • They are also warmer to sit on.

Plastic Seat 

  • Plastic seats can come with additional features like a slow-closing lid or a heated seating.
  • But, plastic lids scratch easier even with soft sponges.
  • And they are more likely to crack.

Now that you’ve read about the differences in shape and material, you should have a clearer idea of what would fit your needs. Once you’ve done that there is also one more item you can add to your toilet bowl. GlowBowl’s motion activated toilet light will help guide in the night when you don’t want turn the blinding bathroom lights on. It will also make it easier for the men in the family to hit the target. And if you have kids, knowing that there will be a light that will come on will help them ward off any ghosts or monsters they believe might be around.

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