Potty Training Your Child With Glow Bowl

Potty Training Your Child With Glow Bowl

Potty Training Your Child

If you are trying to potty train your child, you know how frustrating it can be. Children can be a little scared to use a toilet, the flushing sounds might startle them or your child might find a toilet to cumbersome. Think about it, if you could just use a diaper and run around, the thought of having to use a giant ceramic bowl might not seem appealing to a child. That is why here at Glow Bowl, we want to suggest a tip that would be great for your growing child. Give your child a toilet nightlight.

Glow in the Dark Light

For children, using the toilet might scare them, especially using a toilet at night. Using one of our glow bowl lights transforms your toilet into a glow in the dark toilet that may delight your child and distract them from any concerns they might have to using the toilet. During the day, they can use the light and turn potty training to a fun game with cool lights. Potty training will definitely become a much easier process since children will be distracted from their concern and be more inclined to use it. Tell your kids that your have a glow in the dark toilet and they will get excited and actually want to go to the bathroom for themselves.

Toilet Nightlight

At night, if children know that there will automatically be light in the bathroom, they will be less scared to use the toilet at night. Since the light comes on automatically, they will feel more confident because they can see better in the dark, it is essentially a toilet nightlight. Potty training to your child won’t seem so big in their mind and they will be less likely to be afraid and much more confident, since there is a toilet nightlight.

Benefits to Glow Bowl

The glow bowl is perfect for children for the same reason it appeals to adults. The glow in the dark decide is motion activated so as soon as your child comes close to the toilet, it lights up automatically. This will have your child feels safer immediately. It fits any toilet so you don’t have to worry about getting a new toilet to make this work. Your child can pick the color she or he wants for the toilet. Your child feeling more involved in the potty training experience will love this and be more accepting of using the toilet because to your child will the toilet as a giant toilet nightlight.

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